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I needed to quickly and easily create screenshots for the Social Wall mobile application for the Apple App Store submission. One way to do is to install the app on the mobile phone or emulator then take a screenshot. Then you would have to edit the screenshot in a photo editing software tool like Adobe […]

Alternative to Firefox SQLite Manager – SQLiteStudio Manager

In a previous post, Installing and Starting the SQLite manager for Firefox we discussed using the Firefox Extension called SQLite Manager to open and edit SQL databases for your Android Mobile Application Databases. Now if you’re not a fan of using Firefox and prefer to use a standalone application then keep reading this post. I came across […]

My Healthy App For Gals Mobile Application

Introducing My Healthy App For Gals

We are excited to launch our latest Android Mobile App called My Healthy App For Gals. My Healthy App For Gals is a daily workout app specifically designed for Gals. We know Gals like to have flexibility so with this app they can choose which workouts to add to their daily workout programs (Sunday to Saturday). […]