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If you want to publish your mobile application on the Android Google Play Store or the Apple App Store you need to register and pay for a Developer Account. The cost for a Google Play Developer account is $25 USD and this is a one time fee. Whereas the Apple App Developer account is $99 USD […]

Alternative to Firefox SQLite Manager SQLiteStudio Manager Header

Alternative to Firefox SQLite Manager – SQLiteStudio Manager

In a previous post, Installing and Starting the SQLite manager for Firefox we discussed using the Firefox Extension called SQLite Manager to open and edit SQL databases for your Android Mobile Application Databases. Now if you’re not a fan of using Firefox and prefer to use a standalone application then keep reading this post. I came across […]

Which Google ID do I use for AdMob Ads

Which Google ID do I use for AdMob Ads?

If you’re looking at using Google AdMobs to display advertisements in your Mobile Application and are confused as to which ID to use then you need to read this article. When you login to your AdMod account, there are a lot of ID’s that are displayed and you need to make sure you use the […]

My Healthy App For Gals Mobile Application

Introducing My Healthy App For Gals

We are excited to launch our latest Android Mobile App called My Healthy App For Gals. My Healthy App For Gals is a daily workout app specifically designed for Gals. We know Gals like to have flexibility so with this app they can choose which workouts to add to their daily workout programs (Sunday to Saturday). […]

Samsung Skins Page

Installing the Samsung Emulator Skin for Eclipse

If you’re developing your Mobile Application using Android Eclipse there are different skins you can use on the emulator. In particular, Samsung has created a few already that you can download and save to your android SDK platform. You can go to this link to download the skins. There are a number of Samsung Skins […]

Advertise Me Mobi new website promo

Advertise Me Mobi new website

We’re officially launching our new website advertiseme.mobi The website is dedicated for businesses and mobile application development. We will showcase some of the applications we have completed and provide our readers and clients with some helpful guides and information relating to mobile applications development.   LIKE THIS ARTICLE?Please join other readers who receive our news and […]