Quickest way to resize icons for mobile apps

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Quickest way to resize icons for mobile apps

The fastest way I have found to generate the app icons for Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone) is to use a website tool called Favicon and Website Generator – click here. It’s very simple to use and it’s a time saver. It will then generate the different sized icons for Android, iOS, Websites (including a favicon) and Microsoft Icons.

You basically upload your icon by clicking Choose File and then just press Create Favicon.

Advertise Me Favicon & App Icon Generator

NOTE: Just make sure that ¬†if you don’t want to display your icon publicly you don’t select¬†“Include your favicon.ico in the public gallery.” as this is enabled by default.

Favicon & App Icon Generator

Just click on the download link.

Advertise Me Mobi Favicon Generator


Save the zip file and once downloaded, open the file. In the zip file you will find all the different sizes and version of the icon.

Advertise Me Mobi list of icons

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